More new arrivals!

The dogs were going crazy, barking tonight, so I asked Bryan to go and “check things out.”  Within a few minutes, he called me to the front door, which was open and said “Listen.” I listened.  A crying baby goat … or a crying baby … they sound very similar.  Since Milky was pregnant, though […]

New Arrival!

Prada kidded this morning! She gave birth to one* buck kid, who currently has her color with white markings.  He is sired by Candyman! Both mom and baby seem to be doing fine though grandma (that would be me) might be panicking a little bit.  He may have nursed immediately after being born before we […]


The other day I was complaining to a coworker/friend about potentially having to travel to Alabama to retrieve Boy Genius from his stay with Mema when I really didn’t want to leave Prada in her current state.  Knowing that avoiding summer trips for the sake of a goat probably sounded a little strange, I began […]

We are expecting!

Kids kids kids! Yes, we’re hoping for multiple! Goat kids, that is. 🙂  Prada is pregnant and, by the looks of her, due anytime! We exposed her to herd contributor Candyman from late February to late April (he was on property with us from 2/22-4/25) and in the last month her udder has ballooned.  The […]

Goat Manners

Goat Manners Originally uploaded by stephhwilliams Our little one, Seth, bit me accidentally while chewing on the sleeve of my shirt. I was sitting in the grass, trying to "teach him some manners" — like not jumping on people or chewing on their clothes. See what it got me? It felt like a pinch but […]

Building Fences

We have a front pasture!  Today Bryan finished pulling the 4×4 cattle fencing wire around the perimeter of the front acre or so and put up the gate.  It’s sort of an “L” shaped pasture that butts up against the dog fence on the side of the house and then continues all the way across […]

Ode (sort of) to Cookie

“Cookie” December 28, 2009 – January 6, 2010 We brought “Cookie” home with us from Bryan’s mom’s house in Alabama this past weekend.  A tiny little pygmy kid, she was just born on December 28, 2009.  On the trip home, we named her “Cookie” because the contrast between her ears and her body coat looked like […]