Farewell to Farming

On Wednesday evening, February 12, 2014, our last goat left our property. That was only about a week and a half after I posted our herd of goats and cows for sale, though I’d been thinking about it for awhile. We still have a few chickens, but all our livestock are gone. So for the […]

For Sale

New posting 8/1/2013 While we regularly take inquiries regarding all the animals on our site, here are several that we’re currently offering for sale. Email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com. Prices are based on pick-up at our farm. Nigerian Dwarf Goats Pecan Hollow SF Milky Way (“Milky”) 6-year-old purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe. Previously shown in several […]

Goats for Sale

Posted May 15, 2013 *** LAST UPDATED 7/3/2013*** While we regularly take inquiries regarding all the goats on our site, here are several Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that we’re currently offering for sale. More photos and pedigrees available here. Email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com. We also have an adult wether and a new buckling […]

Baby Bunnies!

Our Dutch rabbit gave birth (kindled) today, having a litter of 7 baby bunnies (kits). They’re tiny little peanuts and look hairless, though a soft touch reveals their very light hair. So far, mama doe and babies are doing well in their caged nest, protected from weather and predators. We’ll be keeping a close eye […]

The Farm at Apple Hill is now Apple Bottoms Farm

We’ve changed our name, but we’re still the same! Oh, and our website address. But other than that we’re the same. And our Facebook page. But really that’s it; everything else is the same. I think! “Apple Bottoms” is the name of our herd of dairy goats and is a lot simpler in the realm […]

Fair Show Results, 2012 Edition

The 2012 show season has come to a close for us. Here’s how it all went down: Lonoke County Fair & Livestock Show 2012, Dairy Goat Show Our does had a good showing at County this year! Youth (Junior) Show Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe Grand Champion (Mariah, shown by The Girl) Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe […]

Spring Farm Update

With kidding season and Spring Show, a lot has been happening here on the farm. Here’s the highs and lows: Kidding Season At one point, we had 8 kids on property. This being only our second year for breeding, that was a lot to us. Three of our does were due within days of each […]

Kidcation 2012

It should probably be called “momcation” but kidcation is what I used last year, and I’m nothing if not consistent. So the kids left yesterday with Pepa to travel back to Alabama to stay with Mema for their annual visit. This time for two weeks. All three kids gone for two weeks. No kids for […]

Preparing for Kids

It’s was a weekend of shift work here on the farm! With our first Alpine, Maya, due to kid on Wednesday, March 21, we moved her from the front pasture where the main herd is to the back goat house for more cover for her and babies.  We also moved Montana and Mariah, two of […]

Spring Fever

With the weather cooperating over the last few days, I’ve been spending more time out with the animals. Of course, some of them seem none too happy about it. Whether it’s being flogged by the roosters or rammed by my favorite buck, I’ve had it rough this week. I’ll blame it on the weather, though. […]

Assisted Goat Kidding

Farm life has its fair share of unique experiences and New Year’s Day was certainly no exception. Bryan and I had just returned to his mother’s house, where we’d left our children, to go hunting at his dad’s cabin. I’ve mentioned before that Mema (Bryan’s mom) and Danny have a farm of their own in […]

How we faired at the fair, 2011 district edition

The Southeast Arkansas District Fair & Rodeo is going on now through October 1 in Pine Bluff; and this was our first year to participate in the Fair’s dairy goat show, which was held today. While I kicked myself at the end of showing at the County Fair for forgetting to take photos, I remembered […]

How we faired at the fair, 2011 county edition

The 71st annual Lonoke County Fair and Livestock Show was held on September 21-24, 2011. This was our second year to show dairy goats at county fair. Here’s how we faired at the fair: Junior Division (exhibitor: The Girl) Senior Does Does 2-3yrs:  Mariah placed 3rd Does 3-4yrs: Milky placed 1st Specialty Best Udder: Mariah […]

As if we need more to do …

We’ve got two does in milk again, having kidded their babies in May.  So this means it’s time to make more goat cheese and/or soap.  Neither is an easy process, and thankfully I enjoy doing it.  The big question is FLAVOR? What to add to the cheese for taste and the soap for smell. Any […]

Giving up on rabbits?

Who knew keeping rabbits could be so hard? This weekend I was making jokes about finally getting to breed our two Dutch rabbits and today they both died.  This sucks.  The Girl’s first rabbit, Boots, which she got at the state fair last year, died suddenly and mysteriously just as we were about to get […]