We Can Be Heroes

I didn’t mean to give you a David Bowie earworm with that title, so sorry. Please read on nonetheless. In the kind of world we live in today – one where we wake up to news of crazed gunmen and mass murder – we need to champion the good in people. We need to acknowledge […]

Adventures with spiders

I’ve been working on what I call the “blog book” a lot lately. It’s the “parenting book” I’m writing, using a lot of stories I’ve blogged about before. So, pretty much out of necessity, there’s been a lot of looking back on old posts and a little uncontrollable nostalgia. Then, this morning, one of those […]

Calling all Hot Springs’ writers!

What motivates you to write? Do you have a favorite writing spot? Or certain music to type along to? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I used to have so much more motivation and focus than I do now; though I’m not 100% certain, I often blame having children for my diminishing productivity. […]

Our Next Adventure

For the last couple of months or so, hubs has been commuting to Hot Springs (about an hour and half drive from us one way) to work at in an interim position at a hospital there. He’s been staying there some nights and driving back others, mainly to not miss kid-related events. Yesterday, he accepted […]

Herd For Sale

As of February 2014, we are selling our livestock herd. All dairy goats and cows are for sale. If interested, email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats We currently have 5 does and 2 bucks for sale. All but one are show quality dairy goats. Names and prices are listed below. Click […]

For Sale

New posting 8/1/2013 While we regularly take inquiries regarding all the animals on our site, here are several that we’re currently offering for sale. Email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com. Prices are based on pick-up at our farm. Nigerian Dwarf Goats Pecan Hollow SF Milky Way (“Milky”) 6-year-old purebred Nigerian Dwarf doe. Previously shown in several […]

Goats for Sale

Posted May 15, 2013 *** LAST UPDATED 7/3/2013*** While we regularly take inquiries regarding all the goats on our site, here are several Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats that we’re currently offering for sale. More photos and pedigrees available here. Email: info AT applebottomsfarm DOT com. We also have an adult wether and a new buckling […]

Moments of Awesomeness and Their Counterparts

While I was out gallivanting on my Harry Potter London experience (speaking of awesome, more on that later), Bryan took the kids on a day trip to Petit Jean State Park. It’s one of the natural beauties of the Natural State. Of their trip, he shared a “quotable moment” from Boy Genius (BG). They’d been […]

We need to talk, without being so mean

Despite being someone who was known for enjoying a nice verbal fight in my younger days, I’ve always tried to shy away from conversations about politics and religion. And the reason for my avoidance is the same in both occasions: people are mean. The two topics tend to be so divisive that before you know […]

Snowpocalypse 2012

Well, the world did not end on December 21, 2012, as some believed the Mayans had predicted it would. But a few days later, it sort of felt like it did. Arkansans were all a buzz on Twitter and Facebook about the possibility of a white Christmas; and, rightfully so, since local news outlets were […]

Fair Show Results, 2012 Edition

The 2012 show season has come to a close for us. Here’s how it all went down: Lonoke County Fair & Livestock Show 2012, Dairy Goat Show Our does had a good showing at County this year! Youth (Junior) Show Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe Grand Champion (Mariah, shown by The Girl) Nigerian Dwarf Senior Doe […]

Spring Farm Update

With kidding season and Spring Show, a lot has been happening here on the farm. Here’s the highs and lows: Kidding Season At one point, we had 8 kids on property. This being only our second year for breeding, that was a lot to us. Three of our does were due within days of each […]

How we faired at the fair, 2011 district edition

The Southeast Arkansas District Fair & Rodeo is going on now through October 1 in Pine Bluff; and this was our first year to participate in the Fair’s dairy goat show, which was held today. While I kicked myself at the end of showing at the County Fair for forgetting to take photos, I remembered […]

How we faired at the fair, 2011 county edition

The 71st annual Lonoke County Fair and Livestock Show was held on September 21-24, 2011. This was our second year to show dairy goats at county fair. Here’s how we faired at the fair: Junior Division (exhibitor: The Girl) Senior Does Does 2-3yrs:  Mariah placed 3rd Does 3-4yrs: Milky placed 1st Specialty Best Udder: Mariah […]

(Goat) Kids for Sale and Other Updates

I’ve just spent hours updating the website after months of absence. We’ve had a lot going on here on the farm but unfortunately I haven’t documented much for the site.  We lost Prada, who I considered to be the herd queen, on April 1, 2011, and I was heartbroken. We’ve also had joys though.  We […]