Final Design Portfolio

Document Design (RHET 5305)

Summer 2018 (UALR)

This Design Portfolio was created to serve as the final project for the course, Document Design, taught by Dr. Karen Kuralt, during the Summer 2 5-week term of 2018, at UALR. The course serves as an elective toward the Online Writing Instruction Graduate Certificate.

Dr. Kuralt tasked students to create a final Design Portfolio containing 4 design projects, with each one including the final project, at least 2 alternate or early drafts, and a design memo explaining and justifying the design choices made. For more information, see the following instruction documents: Final Project: Design Portfolio and Design Memos.

Below you should see headings for each of the Portfolio Projects, followed by thumbnail photos of the respective project’s final design and design memo, and finally a list of other documents related to the project. 

Click on the photos to open PDF versions of pictured documents; PDF versions of the remaining project documents are linked at the bottom of the page.

Portfolio Project 1 Redesigned Resume

Portfolio Project 2 Redesigned Layout

Portfolio Project 3 Formatted Manual

Portfolio Project 4 Redesigned Syllabus

Final Redesigned Resume
Final Redesigned Layout
Final Formatted Manual
Final Redesigned Syllabus
Project 1 Design Memo
Project 2 Design Memo
Project 3 Design Memo
Project 4 Design Memo