Southern Regional Composition Conference at ASU

2017 Southern Regional Composition Conference:

Access and Agency

April 14, 2017

Situated Compositions: Web-based Learning


Digital content is becoming more and more commonplace in all educational settings. Learning Management Software offers a variety of capabilities but is often limited by the contractual terms between the educational institution and the software provider. Teachers can do so much more with web-based applications and still maintain control over their content. This presentation will illustrate practical methods for using web-based applications for adaptive learning in ethical ways. Specifically, presenter will discuss the building of a dual-purpose teaching website. The teaching website provides lesson delivery for the live, online or hybrid classroom, as well as operating as a teaching portfolio for the instructor. Further, the teaching website houses all instructor content regardless of term or course. The presentation will also cover the differences between and, which affords the most control to the educator; how to ensure ethical use of education materials, adhering to documentation/copyright rules; and how to protect student privacy while engaging students.

Web-based Learning Prezi