"[Y]ou are one of my most inspiring teachers ... Thank you for being a helpful influence in my college educational career. You are appreciated!"
Courtney A.
"I strongly believe I have learned a lot about writing in this class and this has been the most interesting writing and English class I have been a part of my entire school career."
Hailey E.
"Thank you Ms. Williams. [Y]ou just don't know you are a blessing to me and I'm sure my peers. Don't change your curriculum because it's very helpful and awesome."
Kalyn M.
"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your class. I learned a lot and enjoyed the assignments. I thought you had a great teaching style and felt very secure to ask questions. You also were extremely approachable and always answered texts and email and stayed about class. Thank you for that!"
Corinna H.
"This overall was a good semester for English B. Teach, you were great, and I am going to miss being in your class. I learned a lot about how to write a persuasive essay and how to deliver it effectively. And while learning this, I had a fun time to share laughs with everyone."
Liz D.
"I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done this semester. You have made me into a better student and a better person! ... I really appreciate you caring about me not only as a student but as a person as well. ... I have learned so much about myself this semester and a lot of it has to do with your class. ... You've impacted my life in such a positive way and for that I could never repay you or thank you enough. ... Thank you for being an awesome professor."
Alli B.
"I know I've grown as a writer and I owe all of that to my wonderful teacher! Although our class was very energetic and fun, I learned a lot from it. I'm going to take these skills that I've learned and use them in English B and all the other courses that I must take towards my English minor. So, thank you for all that you've taught Mrs. Williams! I appreciate all the information that I have received and I can assure you that I'll use it wisely."
Taylor S.(1)
"This class has more than just helped my writing skills. In a way, it has changed the way I usually feel about writing. I used to grind my teeth at the though of having to write a paper. But now, I enjoy sitting at my laptop and writing just for fun. ... I can assure anyone reading this that by taking this Freshman English B class, I have improved not only as a writer, but as a scholar. If that isn't a professor's course goal or objective, then I can't honestly define either of those words."
Taylor S. (2)