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Steph Williams Posts

End of the Beginning

(of course, for this one, I heard the best performance ever at Bryan’s grandmother’s funeral, because she had asked that it be sung, by Bryan’s uncle’s stepson-in-law; wish I had that on video!)


One would think that I’d seen enough boxes to last a lifetime, with 3 moves in 2 years under my belt. But, no, I entered the most heavenly store tonight after dinner. Bryan’s dad is visiting and he treated us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in a shopping center…

30 going on 13

Ahhh, The Girl. At some point, I think, most mothers realize that their little darlings can either be sweet, angelic, “you’ll always be my little girl” babies or the battitude sportin’ “when did 8 become the new 13” pains in the you-know-whats. I wonder, though, how many see this in…