The Evil Doubt Fairy

Not too long ago, I had a really productive day. That’s meant to sound like an anomaly, because, sadly, they don’t happen for me very much anymore. I’ve talked before about how I used to kick the proverbial butts of to-do lists on a regular basis, but, in the last 5-10 years seem to have […]


I am an old-school writer. Or I just have ADD.  … Or maybe it’s both. Okay, focus. I love notebooks. Spiral-bound. About half the size of a normal sheet of paper. Like this one: I especially like the cover of that one. These notebooks are among my favorite things. I have too many to count, […]

No Air

I don’t travel well. I like the idea of going places, but nothing ever goes exactly as planned and that sends my anxiety into overdrive. I used to say it was because traveling with small children was hard. Well,  the kids aren’t small anymore, and I stress even when they’re not with me. Take this […]

The Deep End

I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with someone for most of my adult life. I have loved this person all the while, perhaps either too much or simply not enough. It’s a secret that only my husband and maybe one or two others know. You see, this person exists only in my head and in the […]

When I Grow Up

There’s a reason I don’t work a traditional 8-5 type job anymore. Well, actually, there are several; here are a couple, in no particular order: I like naps. (Okay, if I’m being really honest, this probably would be number one). We have three kids, and Bryan’s job is really demanding. So my schedule being flexible […]

Literally speaking, not really

You know the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”? Well, apparently a bunch of wrongs can make something right. Because so many people use “literally” improperly, i.e., when they mean figuratively, the powers that be have added this to the definition of “literally”: “used for emphasis while not being literally true” (informal usage, Oxford […]

For the Win

Last week I called myself for being a Big Fat Liar Pants, whining that I can’t seem to finish anything longer than a blog post. I talked about my various writing projects, the majority of which seem to reside only in my head. Of the big ones, there are a few books – two fiction, […]

Big Fat Liar Pants

In our house, when someone says something that’s clearly not true, we call them a “big fat liar pants.” Now, this is not to make light of telling lies; lying (and omitting the truth) receives harsh punishment, just ask the Girl, who’s currently grounded from all electronics. But, sometimes, there are things said even though […]