About Me

Hi! I’m Stephanie, or Steph. I’m a lawyer and writer.

I live in Colorado with my husband, kids, father-in-law, and pets.

I work at a small firm in Elizabeth, Colorado, and primarily practice in the areas of contract formation and dispute, construction defect, and family law. Since I have prior experience drafting wills and trusts in other states, I hope to add that to my practice here. For more information about the firm and practice, visit Todd Collins & Associates, LLC.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and, in typical ADHD fashion, I have a lot of interests. I used to be a teacher, an accountability coach, a goat farmer, and a foster mom.

I’ve maintained this blog and website, albeit infrequently at times, since 2008. I mainly write about writing, teaching, raising children, accountability, and my faith, with a healthy dose of pop culture for the fun of it. In 2017, I published a book on keeping your focus on God while raising kids called How to Be a Good Mom (Or at Least Not an Epic Failure).

I hope you’ll find something on these pages that resonates with you and that you’ll share with me when you do. Thanks for reading.

Family photo, me pointing at kids
One of my all-time favorite family photos, capturing us in our natural state! [Photo Credit: Browns Photography 2015].
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