Snowpocalypse 2021

February 18, 2021 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

It’s like everyone thought 2021 couldn’t be as bad as 2020, so the new year said “Hold my beer.”

The temperature hasn’t been above freezing since Sunday, I think, maybe before. Today, finally, there’s no new snow. But this week we’ve gotten record snowfall in Arkansas. I lived in this state for most of my life (other than 1999-2009 when I moved around so much that people thought I was either in the military or the witness protection program) and I’ve never seen anything like what we’ve experienced this week.

The week started off scary, and I was sure I was going to have a stroke or panic attack, though now I’ll admit that I’m known to be prone to hyperbole. We had to rescue the 20yo from Conway when her little car got stuck in the snow on the side of the road. I threatened to sit on the 18yo if he tried to leave to go to work (before he realized that his little car wouldn’t make it out of the driveway). All the while, the 13yo is Minecrafting and doing virtual work in basketball shorts and bare feet like nothing.

But yesterday, with nonstop snowfall for most of the 24 hours, we were all safe at home watching the winter wonderland from the semi-warmth of the living room. We’re doing our part to conserve electricity and the firewood won’t burn properly so the house is certainly colder than I’d prefer.

I know some places have it much worse (praying for Texas!) and we’re blessed to have power for the moment.

I hate snow. There I said it. Sure it’s pretty. For like a minute. I took some pictures. Of course, I can’t upload any of them because satellite internet sucks in good weather. So, now, I’m done with all of it.

I saw the post above from THV11, and it gave me hope. C’mon, Tuesday!

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