Desktop (R)Evolution

December 28, 2020 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

What does your desk look like? Do you have a desk? Do you have an office? One at work and at home? Where do you “get stuff done”?

There’s apparently some psychology to how a person keeps his/her desk and what it says about him/her. For example, this infographic illustrates what you and others think about cluttered versus clean desks. This article and graphic reinforce some of the points but it a little more in-depth. Of course, I think both are probably based on this article. I like this one because it says piles of paper mean you’re an “out-of-the-box thinker.” Another article links the state of one’s desk to the common personality types.

I’ve always had a workspace at home. Even when I had an office I went to every weekday, I had some place to “work” at home. Over the years, in different houses and work situations, it’s ranged from small, cubby-like iterations to full-blown home offices. A few years ago, I downsized significantly to an armoire-style desk in the corner of our bedroom so that we could turn what had been my home office – with built-ins and french doors – into another bedroom. Even after moving into a new house, that armoire desk was my one spot in the house that was mine and mine alone.

My “corner office” in my bedroom, November 2020.

It’s weird, and hopelessly selfish of me, I suppose, to dream of a space that’s only mine. I’ve ridiculously used the lack of a mine-all-mine space as an excuse for not writing. I had this “hiccup” in my brain that I needed the perfect writers’ space to be creative.

Nevertheless, for the day-to-day work, that albeit tight spot was sufficient, since most days I was commuting to one campus or another performing various adjunct teaching gigs. However, with the pandemic and shift to remote learning, I was spending more and more time in what seemed to be a shrinking space. So, Bryan offered to build me a desk, but it wasn’t an overnight project by any means.

My even smaller “corner office” on the other side of the bedroom while waiting for the new desk to be “touch ready,” December 2020

During the semester, I added another monitor to assist with Zoom teaching. Then, I had to move the whole set-up to the other side of the room so that the new desk could be brought in – though it still had to “sit” and “seal” before use.

My new desk (Padauk and Walnut), December 2020.

Isn’t it a beauty?! It’s really too pretty to put things on, but I have to. One of the things I asked for in my custom-built desk was lots and lots of desktop space. I didn’t want to feel cramped or run out of room for all my stacks.

This is most certainly a space “worthy” of writing as well as for getting the day-to-day must-be-done stuff complete. No excuses now.

I’ll admit when Bryan offered to build me a desk – and to have it ready by Christmas – I doubted him. I really should know better than to doubt that man by now. Of course, he knocked it out of the park. And, man, do I feel uptown now.

Wonder what this desk says about me.

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