Michael Hyatt & Company’s latest book No-Fail Habits

December 9, 2020 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity and accountability kick lately (see my previous post about Focusmate). I have been a user of Michael Hyatt & Company’s Full Focus Planner for a few years now but knew that there were some aspects of the planner I wasn’t fully optimizing. So when they announced their newest book, No-Fail Habits, I was intrigued.

As a part of my preorder for the book, I received some “bonuses,” including the No-Fail Habits audiobook. (I’ve also probably already mentioned how much I love audiobooks, so I listened right away). Like most of Michael Hyatt & Company’s products, No-Fail Habits, offers insight into how and why our minds function the way they do and provides step-by-step instructions for implementing change.

No-Fail Habits focuses on developing daily habits, taking advantage of your energy makeup, and automating parts of your life so that you can focus on the things that require more brainpower. For me, it’s been as simple as documenting my workday startup and shutdown rituals so that I don’t feel flustered when I sit down to work and feel accomplished when I leave my desk.

Keeping my habits (and goals) front-and-center

I’m currently awaiting delivery of my preordered physical copy of the book and I plan to “pay it forward.” Be on the lookout for a giveaway after the first of the year!

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