October 8, 2020 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

Blogging isn’t one of my Daily Big 3 today; in fact, it’s not even on my to-do list this week. And that spotlighted for me the larger problem: I rarely prioritize my own writing. So I guess you’re not solely to blame for almost ruining my writing.

I often place a higher priority on tasks for which I’m paid, even if the pay is crap. I spend the majority of my time teaching, meeting with students, and preparing materials for adjunct jobs that pay peanuts. I even pay my own money to get better at teaching through certification programs, thereby creating more tasks for myself that then take priority over my own writing. I’ve got a paper due tomorrow for a certification program I’m currently doing. But I’ve got a student Zoom meeting I have to do first.

Then there’s the contract legal research and writing I do. The pay for that is certainly better than what I make teaching, and it makes me feel like I’m using the degree I’m still paying on student loans for. I’m working on one now that I have to finish by the end of next week.

So, I really shouldn’t be rambling in a blog post right now. But it’s my birthday, and I haven’t blogged yet this week, despite wanting to lament about “mom brain” or review the book I just finished reading. I’ll get to those – well, at least the book – I really will. Maybe. Eventually.

What do you prioritize? Are you happy with your list?

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