Celebrate the New Year with a Family Memories Time Capsule

January 1, 2019 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

It’s fun, easy, and doesn’t require any special supplies – seriously, just grab some paper, a pen/pencil, and any old envelope. Stash that envelope in a safe place (and one you’ll remember later).

Then wait for the hilarity to ensue.

On December 31, 2013, we’d been in the car for hours that felt like days. Back then, we still lived on the 12-acre goat farm north of Cabot, Arkansas (we had not yet done a 180, moving to a subdivision in Hot Springs). In 5 days’ time, we had driven from Arkansas to Birmingham, Alabama – then to Auburndale, Florida and back to Birmingham – and we on our way back home to Arkansas.

Having spent so much time in the car, the normal road trip games weren’t hacking it. So Bryan decided that we should “seal some thoughts to be opened at a later date.” The kids – 13, 11, and 6 at the time – were a captive audience and played along quite well.

Our first time capsule

Then, today, January 1, 2019, was that later date.

Reading the answers today, 5 years later, brings a full range of emotions:

The happy – like favorite memories of picking oranges from the grove in Florida. The sad – like how we now miss all the animals from the farm and had to say goodbye to Nacho just this year; or how Bryanna’s favorite memory was playing at Pop’s house knowing now that Pop likely won’t be with us much longer.

Picking oranges in Florida, December 2013

But the most common reaction: laughter.

Like how Brock named Brix (the lab) as his best friend. Or me saying my best skill is napping. IMHO, It’s worth pointing out that Brock said my skill was “being a mother” (which I’m choosing to read positively, not in a Kristen Bell sort of way). Or Ben saying that he’d be amazing by not talking in class (that’s called setting yourself up for failure folks).

The time capsule offered good fun – both then, during the hours-that-felt-like-days in the car – and now, five years later. Indeed, Ben’s favorite memory at the time was “right now in the car with my family.”

And it certainly proves that while time changes some things, others remain faithfully the same.

Ben is still the cause of most of our laughter, though Bryan and I just generally find him funny, while Brock mostly laughs at his expense. Brock still says Brix is his best friend. Bryanna’s singing just gets better and better. And my kids still know how to melt my heart.

Best friends, Brock and Brix, 2013.

As we gathered for New Years’ Day dinner tonight, having read all our old answers, we compiled a new time capsule. This one is slated for review in another 5 years, no earlier than January 1, 2024.

What would you ask yourselves? How will your answers change over time?

To see our full list of questions and answers, click the following link: Time Capsule sealed 12/31/13, do not open before 1/1/19.

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