What I Learned from My 2018 Reader Survey

March 13, 2018 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

My very-first-ever reader survey ended last week, and I’m so thankful to each and every one of you who participated! Conducting a reader survey was a new idea to me, though definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of this before” type of new ideas.

Here’s what I learned from listening to you:

Though men and women of all ages responded to the survey (which I think is beyond awesome!), the numbers indicate that my typical reader:

  • is female (80%)
  • is 40 years old or older (60%)
  • is married (60%)
  • has school-aged children (60%)

Additionally, my readers:

  • have varying degrees of education, with slightly more holding some type of post-baccalaureate degree (40%)
  • are either full-time employees or entrepreneurs (equally 40%), with “stay-at-home parent” running close behind
  • primarily identify as nondenominational, indicating that faith is “very important” (80%)
  • prefer Facebook over other social media sites (100%)
  • are most interested, collectively, when I discuss motherhood/parenting (40%), with writing and faith-related posts running close behind
  • would like to read new content on a weekly basis (100%) and would prefer to receive social media announcements rather than email subscriptions (80%)

Here’s my favorite part (even though the majority of this information is harder to quantify):

Everyone who responded indicated having a hobby or passion. All of the responses were anonymous, so I can’t tell how any one person responded. But here are a couple of my favorite responses to “Do you have a hobby or passion? If yes, what is it?”:

  • “Making old things new and pretty” — most days I feel old, can you make me new and pretty? 🙂
  • “Reading” — it’s a no-brainer why this one’s a favorite, right?

The best part is that more than 60% agreed with the statement, “My day job and my passions are aligned.” That just gives me all the feels.

Common themes for the biggest challenges we face day-to-day included (and I say “we” here because I can so relate):

  • Keeping God at the forefront of our lives
  • Taking care of our selves
  • Kids and work-life balance

If your a nerd like me and want to see the actual questions I asked, click here: 2018readersurveyquestions.

I won’t share the actual results this time because I asked for email addresses to enter participant into a drawing to win a copy of my book and promised not to share that information. The winner has been notified and her book is on the way!

Thanks again to everyone who responded to the survey. I hope to do more of these in the future and am excited to learn more and more about the people who like to read my words!

So what now?

Now, I want to give you all what you want: Weekly posts primarily about motherhood/parenting with some faith- and/or writing-related content thrown in for good measure! I can’t promise that there won’t be a few random posts here and there because … well, my brain is pretty random. 🙂 But I hope to keep you interested and engaged!

If you have any comments or questions, or even suggestions for content, definitely let me know! You can comment at the bottom of this page or on Facebook, or email me using the form below.

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