Process Analyses Examples, As Identified and Explained by Students

September 15, 2016 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

First-semester, first-year writing students were asked to find examples of process analysis and explain why their selections fit the category. Here are some of the best examples/explanations (in no particular order):

WikiHow Link: How to Throw a Knuckball

Leon T. said: “I believe this is process analysis because they explain step by step in which you craft your skills to learn how to do something, which in this case you learn how to throw a knuckleball. Not only does this gives you an insight on how to throw  the ball but it also gives you a reflection about how the grip as well as the release of the ball suppose to look.”

Recipe Link: Quick and Easy French Toast

James W. said: “it teaches you how to make french toast step by step.”

Video Link: How to Paint a Room

Jesus M. said: “This process analysis is a directive one. It breaks down the job of painting a room into small simple steps. These directions would help out anyone who has never painted before or it can be used as a new technique for painting.”

Article Link: How Ice Cream is Made

Ty J. said: “The process analysis I’ve found is “How Ice Cream is Made”.  This is a process analysis because it states from step to step how ice cream is made.   Its giving the starting ingredients to how ice cream is made.  If this wasn’t a process analysis the article wouldn’t of gave this information.  … it’s informing the reader of how the ice cream is frozen and mixed.  This is a process analysis because it’s giving the process of how ice cream is made.”

Webpage Link: How to Write an A+ Research Paper

Kennedy P. said: “This site was created to help people to learn the proper techniques of writing a research paper. It is a Process Analysis because it gives you a step-by-step process on how you should write the paper. It explains the importance of each step and gives you clear descriptions of the materials that would be needed to write the paper. It gives you examples and uses clear wording so no definitions are needed. Lastly, it is well organized and allows the reader to know when the process is complete”

YouTube Link: Everday Makeup Tutorial! 2016

Hannah H. said: “An example of a Process Analysis would be a make-up tutorial you can find on youtube. Any makeup tutorial you can find tells you step by step on how they do their make up and gives you the option on if that’s how you want to do it.”

Web Link: How to Tie a Windsor Knot

Alyssa D. said: “I believe this is a process analysis because it gives you step-by-step instructions on how to tie a tie. In process analysis, it would be grouped as a directional process analysis. A directional process analysis gives the steps in a process that the reader can preform if desired.”

YouTube Link: 5-minute E-bike Kit

Jahismah W. said: “This is a video that gives a step by step analysis on how to install an electric motor to a bicycle. On top the instructions the narrator of the video also gives his personal experience with the product and application of it, thus leading me to see it as a directional process analysis.”

Article Link: How to Catch River Crabs

Trent W. said: “I think this is a process analysis, because it  explains step by step process on how to catch a River Crab! It’s really pretty cool!”

WikiHow Link: How to Fly an Airplane

Josh B. said: “This link is to an explanation of how to properly fly an airplane. This is an indirect process analysis because it describes in great detail how to accomplish a task that many people will not need to know how to do. Each one of the steps is also explained as far as why and how it is done.”

Article Link: 8 Tips on the Effective Use of Social Media for Social Good

Brayden B. said: “I think that this is a Process Analysis, because it is in a detailed step by step how you can create a nonprofit social media website or app that can be helpful to people. It gives you examples of Vine, Twitter, Save the Children, and World Food Programs.  It gives you a process that which tells you will make your app or website be more efficient and have a good strong base from. Then in a process analysis it says that each step is analyzed and described why you should do each step. Which it does, by giving examples and telling you why it would be helpful by using clear details of what to do.”


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