Out with the Old, In with the New

May 21, 2016 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

May is a time of endings and new beginnings; this truth is never more evident than with high school and college graduations. But even without a current graduate* in the house, we’ve had our own share of endings and beginnings this month.  (Technically, Bryan graduates in July with his Doctorate of Nursing Practice!)  Truth be told, that’s why I haven’t had much time to write as of late.

I was busy reviewing portfolios and compiling final grades for my spring composition class. Once that was done, I started in on preparation for the summer class I’m teaching online starting next Monday. While online teaching has many benefits, in some ways it requires more work: you have to anticipate questions and prepare for everything to be presented to students in writing … no longer able to just save some things for live discussion. This past week, I’ve been knee deep in lesson modules, content folders, assignment links, and discussion forums – on top of drafting syllabi, project assignment sheets and lecture notes/slideshows. Fortunately, I’m a nerd for that kind of stuff.

This month has brought many other transitions as well. We said goodbye to Aunt Bee after more than 8 years, trading her in for a spaceship. Okay, not really. But when I’m sitting in the cockpit (driver’s seat) of my new, bright white Dodge Durango Citadel, I feel like I might take flight. The verdict is still out on a name for my new toy/family vehicle, and I’ll consider all suggestions. For some reason, I keep thinking of Stormtroopers, but they’re bad so that can’t be it. The Girl cried at leaving Aunt Bee behind; her heart hurt for Aunt Bee’s inanimate feelings.

RIP Aunt Bee
RIP Aunt Bee

The almost 9yo said goodbye to his crooked teeth (literally, he said, “goodbye crooked teeth” in the car before going in to the orthodontist) and got what will likely be just the first round of braces to correct teeth and an under-bite. He didn’t cry but was clearly nervous; I had to hold his hand the whole time.

How adorable is he?!
How adorable is he?!

Bryan has decided he’s going bald. Well, let me clarify: he’s been going bald for years. Now he’s just decided to embrace it and maybe help things along a bit. He’s been going every week or so and getting a closer buzz, working his way up to a Mr. Clean look.

Perhaps one of the saddest changes was the night the almost 16yo brought this picture from her room to ours:

Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark

Pepa purchased this painting for the Girl’s room when she was still growing in my belly. It’s been in every room of hers in every house we’ve ever owned ever since. Now, as she fills her walls with fandom posters, pics of friends and other random teenage girl decorations, she no longer has a place for Noah. I’ll admit, it was my turn to tear up a bit.

Endings can be bittersweet, but change is a part of life. And so are kids growing up. Here’s to the beginnings that follow endings. And a really cool spaceship.

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