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May 16, 2014 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

For the last couple of months or so, hubs has been commuting to Hot Springs (about an hour and half drive from us one way) to work at in an interim position at a hospital there. He’s been staying there some nights and driving back others, mainly to not miss kid-related events. Yesterday, he accepted the position in a more “permanent” (i.e., non-interim) capacity. So, we’re moving to Hot Springs.

Before me moved into this house, we’d lived in 4 states in as many years, following hubs’ career trajectory. But we’ve been here for nearly 5 years now. What that means is that while our oldest has vague memories of moving, the youngest really has no idea. Last night, we gave the news to the kids, and their reactions were so fitting of their personalities.

The boys (though they’re 4-1/2 years apart) currently share a room. So when dad told Wonder Boy, the almost 7yo goofball, that he wouldn’t have to share a room with brother anymore, he threw his hands in the air rather dramatically, and said, “FINALLY! I’m free! I won’t have to share with that stinky turd anymore!” Then, looking to his brother, he continued, “No offense, I didn’t mean the stinky part.” Always looking for a laugh.

Boy Genius was not amused, but that’s just in his nature as well. He’s more of a worrier. He just kept saying that it takes him a long time to make friends. There’s some truth to that, because he stays inside himself so much. I get that and feel for him, but I also know that kids are resilient and he’ll be fine.

The Girl, however, being the eternal optimist that she is (as well as always being cognizant of others’ feelings), was overly excited. Perhaps trying to compensate for her brother and be encouraging to dad, she said, “It’ll be great. It’ll be like an adventure, but without the spiders and such.” You know, because most adventures involve spiders.

So there will be a lot of changes over the next few months (pray for us that it doesn’t take longer than that). But hubs loves the job and we’ll be together; so bring on the next adventure (sans spiders, of course).

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