Which superhero are you?

December 6, 2013 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

That was the semi-random question asked on the way home from guitar/voice lessons the other night. Only semi-random because, being the nerdy family we are, we’re regularly debating things such as “what superpower would you want,” “who would win in a fight” (hint: always Superman), and other *super* issues.

The 11yo (Boy Genius) instigated this one, quickly assigning The Flash to the 6yo (Wonder Boy), because he has so much energy and never. ever. slows. down.

The 13yo (Girl) is Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, because she’s sort of sneaky (which seems negative but we don’t mean it’s always a bad thing); it’s just, sometimes she’s there, and sometimes she’s not.  And even when you think she’s no where near you, somehow she manages to know the details of a private conversation, like what someone’s getting for Christmas.

We all decided that the 11yo (Boy Genius) is Cyborg, though he seemed disappointed that that didn’t mean he’d talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. Cyborg definitely fits him though because he has excellent information recall (like scary good sometimes) and regularly says things like, “I don’t need a calculator; I have one in my head.”

Everyone seemed pretty satisfied that Daddy is Mr. Fantastic without much explanation (perhaps because he wasn’t in the car to question it). But I’d guess that it’s because he holds us all together. And, given the stretches we all do in Taekwondo class, he’s definitely the most flexible.

Cyborg said I was Charles Xavier/Professor X, mainly because he said sometimes it seems like I can read his mind. (I didn’t tell him that’s just mom experience, yo.) He also said that no one really knows the extent of Xavier’s power; like if he wanted to he could get in someone’s head and destroy them from the inside out. Um … thanks?

So which superhero are you? It’s a fun little thing to consider. Here’s the real question though: is it the one you’d want to be?

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