My Baby’s Growing Up

June 27, 2013 stephhwilliams 2 Comments

Today the 5-year-old becomes the 6-year-old. The one I affectionately call Wonder Boy on this site isn’t a baby anymore. He has graduated from kindergarten and reads to me every night. He dresses himself, brushes his own teeth, and showers solo, though there’s some debate as to whether he actually uses soap. Yesterday, he made his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But when I look at him, I still see my baby boy.

Maybe it’s because he’s the youngest. Maybe it’s because he’ll still cuddle with me when he’s tired. Maybe it’s just because as I get older I realize more and more how fast time goes by. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling a bit mushy today.


We had a small party for him last Saturday at the white place.


In this day and age, it’s socially acceptable (at least I think/hope) to send invitations via email and Facebook. It’s wonderfully convenient but when all is said and done, where do you send the thank-yous? When everyone’s available in the blink of an eye virtually, how often do we actually have someone’s physical address anymore? But, still, thanks must be made. As Wonder Boy continues to grow up, I want him to learn to say thank you, to be grateful, to show appreciation, to value others. So here goes nothing folks:


Okay, so we need to work on handwriting too. Here’s the translation: “I’m glad you came to my party and played with me! Thank you for my presents!” Now there’s a good boy.

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