!!!!!!! (Which is ‘giddy’ talk for ‘I’m ready for Man of Steel’)

December 18, 2012 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

Man of Steel, which doesn’t come out for another SIX MONTHS, released a full trailer (i.e. more than just the teaser it released in conjunction with The Dark Knight Rises back in July) last week. My response, accompanied by some bouncing, shaking, squealing and general giddiness: “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be good.”

Now, I know I haven’t been all that nice about the movie (or its star) up to this point, but I think I’ve been slowly coming to terms with this *new* Superman incarnation. (See previous posts on Cavill’s casting, his hair and the new suit, photos from the set, and the teaser trailer.)  Now, I’m no longer on the fence, no longer holding my breath, no longer shrinking in fear at the possibility of disaster.  This is Superman!  Take a look:

Yes, I know the screen is too big for my post area but it’s SUPERMAN. Besides, when I tried to be fancy and size it, I almost crashed my whole site. I know just enough code to get myself in trouble. Anywho, isn’t this awesome?!?!

At the end of the trailer, when talking of how Pa Kent was worried people would reject Clark if they knew his secret, Supes says, “He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready. What do you think?”

I think, !!!!!!! C’mon June 14, 2013!

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