The Sun is Shining on the Last Son of Krypton

July 23, 2012 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

And I’m hanging onto his coat- er, cape?- tails.

I’m on vacation and hadn’t planned on blogging but the first teaser trailers for Man of Steel were released this weekend in conjunction with the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Now, it probably goes without saying that I was almost as anxious to see this trailer as I was to view the epic ending to the Nolan/Bale Batman trilogy. The verdict: I’m excited.

Actually, I’m giddy as a school-girl.

Yes, I’ve been harsh about the latest incarnation of my favorite superhero. I know I’ve been a little pessimistic regarding my assessments or expectations that Man of Steel will suck. I’ve been a little rough regarding casting decisions and movie stills. Despite everything negative I’ve said, I think it’s been pretty clear that I hope I’m wrong.

I hope I’m more wrong than I was about not wanting Mark Ruffalo to play Bruce Banner. I was completely irked that they didn’t get then most-recent Banner (Ed Norton in The Incredible Hulk) to reprise the role. Disgusted when I heard rumors that Norton wouldn’t agree to the offered pay. Disheartened when they cast Ruffalo (whom I have liked in other movies) because I just ‘couldn’t see it.’ But I was soooo wrong. I left the theater after watching The Avengers (all four times) practically shouting “Ruffalo rocked it out!” Best.Banner.ever. ‘Nuff said.

I hope I’m more wrong than I was about not wanting Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. No, I didn’t want Tobey again. I mean, I liked Sam Raimi’s Spider-Mans (yes, all three of them), but I knew this was a reboot. And I can’t quite explain why I was unhappy with the Garfield pick at first, but I was. As a fan of the comics, he just didn’t “feel right” to me. Again, I was sooo wrong. Leaving the theater after watching The Amazing Spider-Man (both times), I was beaming “Dude nailed it! He totally is Peter Parker!” (And even though I’ve never sounded ‘valley girl’ish – unless I was being facetious – in my own head, I absolutely said “dude” and “totally” and probably even threw in a “like” or two).

So when I recently read an article where Zack Snyder called Superman “the king-daddy of all superheroes” and that he hoped to put him in his “rightful place,” I texted MorganMorganMorgan that it seemed as though Snyder ‘got it’; that maybe the movie could be good after all. And she said:

MMM: “Please don’t get mad, but why is Supes king daddy?”

Me: “Because he’s the very best, of course.”

MMM: “Oh, okay :)”

Me: “He was also the first :)”

MMM: “Okay, that’s more what I was asking.”

Then I saw in the latest People magazine that Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume is being auctioned off this month, with an estimated price tag of $60,000-80,000! Now there’s a gazillion better things I could do with that kind of money but if I had it to spare …. And I had just explained to the kids that something like that wasn’t to be worn, but rather displayed like artwork, when hubs whispered, “I’m not wearing that,” and I found myself blushing, “Aw, c’mon, just once?”

Me (photo text to MMM): “I would totally pay money for that suit on the left.”

MMM: “I’d like to have a whole closet full of superhero costumes. They’re awesome!”

So here’s to hoping I’m wrong about Man of Steel … and based on the teaser trailers, I’m about ready to eat crow. I saw the Jor-El narrated version (click here) in the theater before TDKR. Yeah, it’s short, but poignant. People will follow the ideal of Superman – the strength, the goodness – and will “join [him] in the sun.” And I turned to hubs giddy (there’s no other work for it) and said “It’s gonna be good!!!” Now, I’m pretty sure he was trying to reign me in for fear of future disappointment because his only response was, “Let’s hope so.”

Afterwards, MorganMorganMorgan told me that there were two versions of the teaser, so I looked up and watched the Jonathan Kent narrated version (click here) online. Same imagery but different words. A different perspective – one of choice rather than destiny. Whatever he chooses, good or bad, he’s “gonna change the world.” Chills. It gives me chills. It appears as though Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the Superman mythos is going to be character-driven (yay!), to focus on the struggle that this all powerful but ultimately alien being endures to become the “king-daddy of all superheroes.”

[As an aside: I spent way too long trying to embed these videos without them being too big for the blog post area and was nevertheless unsuccessful. Pure operator error, I am certain.]

I’ve rewatched the teasers several times today and read a few articles and blog posts about them and the movie in general. Even saw one that asked whether the dog is going to be Krypto. If so, I hope it’s in name only. Don’t think a superhero dog will fit with the darker, character-driven, poetic interpretation of the nature of humanity and fate of salvation that I’m hoping for.

And I do have hope. Real, actual hope. Hope that there will finally be a Superman movie that lets the man and the superhero shine like never before (except in the comics and minds of adoring fans). Lead me into the sun, Man of Steel. I’m all in. By choice or destiny, don’t fail me now.

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