15 Habits of Great Writers: Day 10 – Share AND Loads of Links!

July 4, 2012 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

Ugh. It’s so easy to get off point, isn’t it? I’ve been doing so well, blogging AND working on the BIG Project every day. Then, yesterday: nada. (Though I can’t really feel too bad, as I was spending some precious time with my soon-to-be-moving-out-of-state best friend).

Anyway, time to focus again. Day 10’s habit is sharing. Not oversharing, like tweeting every meal or every trip to the grocery store. No, sharing others’ work: taking the time to shift the imaginary spotlight you carry around from yourself to someone else.

Take a look at these

So, here it goes, a list (because who doesn’t like lists) of things I’ve been reading lately that I think you should be reading too:

  1. From goinswriter.com

    Goinswriter.com. Okay, this one should come as no surprise. I’ve been sharing Jeff’s wisdom daily now. His site is FILLED with helpful, motivational, and practical information on writing. His The Writer’s Manifesto, which can be downloaded for free here, gets straight to the heart of the matter (or heart of the writer, that is). His ebook You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) goes a bit further and really MOVES you to write (and I’ll send you the ebook MY TREAT for commenting below). Jeff also recently announced his first non-writing related novel, Wrecked, will be released on August 1st. You can bet I’ll be reading it.

  2. From emilydavieswrites.blogspot.com

    Emilydavieswrites.blogspot.com. I came across this blog via the Great Writers Series and felt some sort of kinship right away (which is rare for me). Emily writes in an honest, relatable way. In one post, she talks about the difference between being introverted and being shy. I wish I’d written that.

  3. From tawnafenske.blogspot.com

    Tawnafenske.blogspot.com. I stumbled upon this blog while trying to figure out what the #1k1hr hashtag on Twitter really meant. Tawna is hee-lar-ious. Just the name of the blog cracks me up: “Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing.” Wish I had a funny blog name. She talks about her writing but it’s not the only thing that defines her. She’s also goofy, nerdy, a little bit crude at times, and self-depracating. I don’t like a lot of this most of the time because I think it often comes across as “pretending to be humble,” but Tawna pulls it off without leaving me feeling that way. There’s just something really entertaining about someone who can laugh at him/herself and wants others just to get a good laugh as well.

  4. From bestsellerlabs.com

    And finally, another nugget from Twitter, this blog post on J.R.R. Tolkien’s Top 10 Tips for Writers by Roger Colby, guest posting on Jonathan Gunson’s Bestsellerlabs.com. I don’t know much about Gunson or Colby, but I loved the post.

Have I missed anything?

I’m sure there’s more I could be sharing. I’ve been doing a lot of blog hopping lately (probably when I should be writing). But the sharing doesn’t have to be all done today. This is a habit I definitely want to have, sharing others’ works so that you can enjoy them as much as I do/have.

If you know of any blogs you’d like to share, post in the comments below!

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