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June 16, 2012 stephhwilliams 2 Comments

Call me a nerd, but I love it. I love to read fanfiction, and, on occasion, I write it. So, what the heck is fanfiction? Just what it sounds like: it’s fans borrowing characters from TV shows, movies, and books, and playing with them for a little while. The characters’ “real” stories spark creativity in the minds of fans, and the result is then posted on the web, inviting the rest of us to join in on the fun.

This is what I do, late at night, when I can’t sleep and am in between other reads. Some of the stories are really good. Some are written so well it’s easy to imagine the idea becoming part of the “real thing.” Others are a bit more gratuitous, exploring every sorted detail of a “finally!” hook-up between two characters. Either way, it’s entertainment.

I’d been reading it pretty frequently for awhile before I started writing it as well. I’ve only shared my fanfic handle with one person (and it’s not MorganMorganMorgan – I know, shocker!) because I don’t hold back what I write there – which might be a little embarrassing.Most of the stories I post are relatively short, though I have one (currently unposted) that I’ve been working on for two years (and that’s a little embarrassing too) that’s more than 30 pages unfinished. Hmph. Perhaps that’s why I can’t get my book written.

While I’m not ready to broadcast my inner most ideas about the characters I love, check out fanfic in general. But be careful. It’s addicting.

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  1. […] Recently, I posted about how much I love fanfiction. And how I often write, what I affectionately call “silly little stories,” that may not have any real point other than getting a couple of beloved characters together. It’s purely a guilty pleasure. But, because it’s not what I normally write, and because there’s a little voice in my head telling me to grow up already, I post under a pen name. And I don’t share it freely. I’ve chosen to share my silly little stories while still hiding in the dark. So I don’t feel as silly as the stories; so I don’t get embarrassed by the words I’ve written. […]

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