Kidcation 2012 Part 2

June 7, 2012 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

So last week, I was all “to-do lists be damned”and was bound and determined to not to anything I didn’t want to do. This week, there’s been a fundamental shift in the universe and I’ve been all about marking things off that damned to-do list.

I’ve been deadset on getting as much done as I can before the kids come home this weekend. Errands to places like the DMV, which I’ve been putting off for weeks and which are much less painfully accomplished without children, are now complete. The van is clean. I mean really clean. No, not new looking but it’s been vacuumed and there are no Pop-Tarts stuck on the seats or trash on the floorboards. The laundry is washed and put away before the hamper gets full. The mini-blinds are fixed. Yesterday, I even cleaned the Girl’s room.

In other words, I’m ready for the kids to come home.

I think we’ve all been ready, them to be home and Daddy & me ready for them, for almost a week.

Last Saturday, I spent almost an hour on the phone with Boy Genius. Me. On the phone. For longer than five minutes. We just talked about books and stuff. He’s been rereading The Hunger Games and I think he’s getting more out of it this time than he did before. And we talked about what they’ve been doing at Mema’s. And he said he missed me.

We’ve Skyped with all three of them once and have talked with them every day this week. Wonder Boy wants to come home, watch TV on our bed and get lovin’ from both of us. And he won’t let us forget that we promised him all that.

Even the Girl is ready to come home.

Maybe two weeks back to back is too long. Someone remind me of this in a few weeks when I’m pulling my hair out and wanting a break. Small breaks only, please.

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