Spring Farm Update

May 30, 2012 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

With kidding season and Spring Show, a lot has been happening here on the farm. Here’s the highs and lows:

Kidding Season

At one point, we had 8 kids on property. This being only our second year for breeding, that was a lot to us. Three of our does were due within days of each other at the end of March. One we thought had two more weeks, kidded first and then it was like the floodgates opened. Babies galore on the 23, 24 and 24 of March. Then our last momma kidded on April 10.

Sadly, though, it wasn’t all fun and games. Our Alpine doe died shortly after a buck stillbirth; he was quite big and we believe damaged something on the exit. We also lost a few babies to Floppy Kid Syndrome; we researched and tried to save every one. One or two even ended up in the house with us while we were trying to get them back on their feet. It was heartbreaking. More than a few times, I wanted to give up.

Such is life on the farm. And we do have a few new mouths to feed from this kidding season.

Emma Frost is technically the Girl’s, but I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m momma.

We also brought home Delilah from Ms. Lio’s place. She’s a Candyman doe and was Ms. Lio’s gift to Wonder Boy. It was a good gift, don’t you think?

Spring Show

Spring Show was the first weekend in May, which just so happened to be the same weekend of The Girl’s 5th grade field trip to Space Camp. So, since she wouldn’t be there to show her goats, we only took 4 total (counting the buck). While our placements weren’t anything to write home about this time around, I still enjoyed this show experience more than any other. I worked 4-1/2 of the 5 shows as ring steward (slash cheerleader to a few of the ring secretaries who were nervous) and had a blast. I learned soooo much working the shows and talked with lots of people, petted lots of goats. Even though it was a lot of on-your-feet-constantly work, I’m so glad I did it.

The Butlers of EIO Farm sent us home with an Alpine yearling named Flip-Flop, as a sort of replacement for Boy Genius for the doe who had such a hard time kidding. Flip-Flop has no idea how big she is and regularly tries to climb in my lap along with the babies.

We also brought home a new goat from the auction. Debbie Taylor of Bluff Top Goats donated a  Toggenburg doeling to the silent auction (proceeds benefit the Arkansas Goat Producers/Arkansas Goat Breeders) and we won the auction. Of course, once I became determined to take that goat home, it’s no surprise we won. 🙂 Funny thing is that Bryan has claimed her. She’s the first goat that is just his. I commented about putting her in one of the kid’s names for show purposes and he looked like I just stole his puppy. So here’s Katniss.

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  1. I am looking for two beautiful young female baby goats. Just for pets. I love Delilah, Emma Frost and Lady. Are any of these for sale or do you have some pics of some that you have that are for sale. Thank you. Gy Alexander, alexandergy@comcast.net
    501-681-1228. West Little Rock, AR

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