Know Your Audience

May 30, 2012 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

Any composition teacher will tell you, it’s one of the first rules of writing: know your audience. Knowing who you are writing to helps to set the tone of your piece and aids you in serving your purpose. Well, here’s proof that hubs doesn’t read/keep up with my blog (or read my text messages, for that matter). Yesterday afternoon, I ended my post with a mini-rant on to-do lists. Hubs came home last night and was audibly disappointed to see the to-do list, still on the printer where he’d left it that morning, with nothing marked off. So apparently he thought my *laughing* text messages were code for “I’ll get right on it” and didn’t read exactly what I thought of his to-do list on the blog: “To-do lists be damned.” Hmph, good thing I’m not writing for him.

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