How we faired at the fair, 2011 district edition

September 26, 2011 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

The Southeast Arkansas District Fair & Rodeo is going on now through October 1 in Pine Bluff; and this was our first year to participate in the Fair’s dairy goat show, which was held today. While I kicked myself at the end of showing at the County Fair for forgetting to take photos, I remembered today. Though we showed fewer goats and didn’t have as good a day as we did at County, every bit of experience, particularly at an ADGA sanctioned show, helps. Here’s how we faired today:

Sr Does

Does 2-3yrs: Montana placed 4th, shown by Boy Genius.

Jr Does

Junior Kid: Hermione placed 4th, shown by the Girl.

Senior Yearling: Kitty Pryde placed 2nd, shown by Boy Genius.

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