I Need a New Toy

August 16, 2011 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

Ok, I don’t need one, but I’ve definitely got the itch for one, and the kid in me is yelling: “I have a birthday coming up!”

Amazon Kindle

Shortly after Christmas last year, I “discovered” that I could read Kindle books through an app on my Droid phone. I’d only had the phone for about 4 months by this point; I’m slow on the uptake at times, I guess. Prior to that ‘discovery’ I’d had no desire for a Kindle, saying I didn’t think I could read a book on a screen. Blah-bity-blah-blah. (See post here.) Months and many books later, I’m willing to say, “Boy, was I wrong!”

I now love my e-reader, except that the screen on my phone is too small.  Each “page” is no more than 2 paragraphs long most of the time. At first I thought having a Kindle would just be one more thing to carry around. I mean, at least I always have my phone with me; so if I ever have unexpected spare moments somewhere, I can read instead of wishing I had a book or e-reader with me.

I’m over that now; I want a bigger reader.  This is one of those things where bigger is definitely better. So I told hubs, no so subtly, “I want a Kindle.”

HP Touchpad

And when we were in Walmart the other day, he suggested we look at them. Smart man. Of course, looking for a Kindle led to looking at the tablet’s they sell, asking questions about the HP Touchpad, looking it up on the web on our phones until the kids got ansy, and then deciding we needed to talk to Verizon Wireless about the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

This might’ve been the best thing that could’ve happened, because even though none of these are cheap, the Kindle is the least expensive. But now I’m thinking how cool it would be to have something with more capability than just e-reading. So say I get a Kindle: how long until I’m saying I need another new toy. I realize this is a first-world problem and if any of my kids were saying all this, I’d lecture them on being happy with what they’ve got instead of whining about what they don’t. That’s where the adult in me says, “Shutup, it’s my prerogative.”

So recommendations, suggestions or comments (as to the devices available, not as to the materialism inherent in the post please)?


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