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I know the Kindle, the Nook, and other e-readers have been all the rage for awhile now but I was a little late to the party.  As is typical with me, I avoided them because I “just knew” I wouldn’t like reading on “one of those things.”  It’s called being stubborn.  It’s the very reason why I didn’t read the Twilight books until after the first movie … among other things.  I kept telling myself that I liked the feel of books, the smell even, too much to ever like reading on a device.  Just the word “device” is too clinical sounding for what one can get from reading a book.  Anyway …

Around Christmas, I discovered that my phone (a Droid2) has a Kindle reader app on it.  By this time, I’d had the phone for four months and, knowing I never installed the app myself, it must have been standard on the phone.  This shouldn’t shock anyone who knows me though; I once drove a car for 2 years before I knew that there were pop-out cupholders right below the radio.  Go figure.

So I thought since it wouldn’t cost me much up front (i.e., the $$$ for the reader), I’d try it out.  Turns out, Amazon.com has several classics available in Kindle version for download for free.  It was enough to get me hooked.  I’m back to devouring books the way I used to … without having them strewn all over the house and always in my back pocket.

Yeah, I so knew this e-reading thing was gonna be big.

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