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When the Girl got Boots, a tort Dutch rabbit, back in the Fall, the plan was to get a second one, a Dutch doe, as soon as we could find one, so that we could breed them.  Yes, I know, and have rabbits everywhere.  We didn’t know the wait would be so long, thinking that a breeder we know of would have some shortly thereafter.  Before we knew it though, months had gone by with no luck of us getting a Dutch doe.  On Monday, I got word that some friends of ours were on their way back from a rabbit show in Texas and had the much anticipated mate for Boots with them! We were very excited, particularly Boy Genius, as we’d already said that since the Girl had Boots, his mate would be Boy Genius’.  With a plan in place to pick up the doe on Tuesday afternoon, the kids went to school on Tuesday despite Boy Genius begging to skip :).

Sadly, tragedy struck quickly on Tuesday, when I discovered Boots in his cage barely clinging to life.  I’m still not sure whether he ingested something toxic or what happened but despite my efforts to keep fluids in him, he died in my arms within minutes.  The Girl, as expected, cried fiercely when I delivered the news as she walked up the driveway after getting off the bus.

I decided to go on and get the mate though; after all, she’d been planned for us.  When we arrived at our friend’s house in Conway, we saw that she had three Dutch rabbits … a buck, his mom and another doe.  So you guessed it, we left Conway with 2 in tow: the buck (who’s about 2 months old) and the doe (who’s older).  Once the buck is old enough (after at least 6 months), we can breed the two.  While we were sad to lose Boots, bringing home Harry Potter and Tonks (the kids named them, I swear) has been a good thing for the kids.

Harry Potter and Tonks, the night we brought them home.
Tonks with Boy Genius
Harry Potter with the Girl
Harry Potter with his carrot toy.

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