It’s a Wonderful Life (My Old Blog)

January 17, 2011 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

I’ve been a blogger since November 2008 and a writer for longer than I can remember.  I started out with a personal blog on Blogger:  It’s a Wonderful Life, borrowing its name from Frank Capra’s holiday classic, the blog was meant to contain my thoughts – mostly random – about my blessed life.  I spent a lot of time working on it — I was always writing posts for it or working on its design or adding neat widgets, etc. I even made a little slideshow of scenes from the movie for the front page:

I blogged about pretty much anything and everything, but mainly my children.  I’ve also blogged about legal issues, briefly having a separate legal blog called Legally Bound, and about random inspirational stuff too.  Once we started the farm, and I started writing about it, it initially made sense to combine it all. I set up the farm website, created the farm blog – Chicken Scratch from the Farm at Apple Hill – and combined everything at the farm site, essentially shutting down or cutting off access to all but me at the old blog.  Alas, here I am again, with a new personal blog, but not wanting to lose touch (or content) with where I started … thus, all original blog posts are included here and tagged as “original blog.”

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