Letter to a Friend in Heaven (circa June 1992)

January 16, 2011 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

My friend, why did you leave?

I don’t understand why you have been taken away.

Every night my thoughts wander to you.

There they linger until the dawn.

Confusion overwhelms me when I think that you are gone.

Have you seen the “Pearly Gates”?

Do they shine so as to see a reflection?

And what about the flying horses?

Do they really soar higher than the imagination can see?

Is there really no fighting?

Does the shine of a thousand smiles light the air around you?

So many questions loom before me.

But I will not ask if you are happy now.

Not because I do not care,

But because I know you are.

Who would not be happy in the company you possess?

*Written for Clinton Marsh Davis, July 9, 1975-June 6, 1992.

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