More new arrivals!

July 27, 2010 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

The dogs were going crazy, barking tonight, so I asked Bryan to go and “check things out.”  Within a few minutes, he called me to the front door, which was open and said “Listen.” I listened.  A crying baby goat … or a crying baby … they sound very similar.  Since Milky was pregnant, though we thought not due for a little while longer, we figured it was a crying baby goat.  We hadn’t even moved her back to the kidding stall yet, because we thought she was probably due mid-August.  So we ran out to the pasture to find her and possibly babies.  Sure enough, two baby goats were wandering and crying and no doubt looking for mama, who herself was probably just trying to get somewhere away from Max.  We’ve moved mama and babies back to the goat house and I snapped a few shots with my Blackberry.  I think they’re bucks but it was really dark, so I’ll be looking more carefully in the morning.  Here are the first photos.

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