welcome to the farm, Underdog

May 27, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

About a week ago, a stray dog started hanging around the farm.  It’s not the first time since we’ve moved in that a stray has shown up.  Before though, within a day or so, the visitor would be no where to be found and we could be none the happier to not “add to our litter.”  Not true this time, however.

After a couple of days, I started referring to him as “Underdog” and Wonder Boy, who is still obsessed with the superhero dog, quickly picked up on it.  Turns out he is a she but the “Underdog” name has stuck.  Now Wonder Boy wants to feed her every afternoon as soon as we get out of the van.

Bryan made his typical comments about “runnin’ her off” or “maybe try throwin’ rocks at her”(like he’d ever actually do that, pshaw!), all the while filling up a water bowl just for her.  Then, yesterday, when I was talking about how she might have been abused before (because she’s VERY skiddish and jumps at any sort of noise) and didn’t know what a real home was, Bryan said “we’ll have to figure out which ‘home’ she’s joining, Max & the goats or Brix & Belle.” I just smiled. It seems Underdog has found a home, though I’m not sure Wonder Boy will let her fly off alone to save the day.

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