Love Scene (circa December 1991)

It’s another place and time
The thoughts of the day all left behind
You stand before me, caressing my face
Confessing your love for me at your own pace

I look up at you and sneak a little smile
You’re pulling me close all the while
Our eyes meet and I see confusion
You look away as if it were an intrusion

Watching your every move, I slowly begin to speak
“What’s wrong with you,” is what I seek
Avoiding my eyes, you search your mind
Finally, you say, “I’m sorry, I forgot my next line.”

We start again, and you touch my cheek
You open your mouth but sound so meek
You say, “I’m sorry.  This just isn’t working out.”
I say, “You’re telling me you love me; you’re not supposed to doubt.”

You look at me with an angered glance
And you proclaim, “Maybe I don’t want to take a chance.”
I glare and ask, “How hard can it be?”
“Just tell me you love me and then kiss me.”

“Fine,” you say as you take my face in your hands
Giving into your heart’s demands
The words seem to linger in the air
Feeling your nervousness and how you care

You lean down before me
You’re all I can see
I can feel your breath on my nose
As you slide your hands down the neck of my clothes

You pull me even closer
You’re all my body can feel
Inside my soul is jumping
At last, it’s going to be real

Your lips slightly brush mine
Your breath once more, a heavier kind
Then your lips reach for mine once again
Suddenly the sound of a clap from a man

We jump away from each other
And look into the darkness for another
Our director steps forward, “Nice job, you two”
“Now, if you don’t mind, back to scene two”

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