Our Last Night (circa June 1992)

April 24, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I saw your face in the crowd,
And began my journey to you.
The sounds of joy filled the room.
And then I found you,
Or more you found me.
We hardly spoke as we grasped for open space–
Or did we speak at all?

The blur clears in flashes
Of our last night together.
As we rushed to find some silence,
Occasionally we stopped to share with others
Accounts of the emotions of past events.
They told me everything from “Good luck,” to “Open your heart.”
I thought I didn’t have to open it;
You were already in.

Fresh air, we finally made it.
Moving toward your car,
You asked where we were going.
We could have gotten in the car and driven to the edge of the earth;
At the time, I didn’t care.

As you drove, you played with the radio.
Smalltalk rode on the airwaves of our frequency.
It didn’t matter though because even when we weren’t talking,
We were.

The hours passed quickly, possibly too fast.
It makes me think we should have used out time more wisely;
My fault.

When you brought me home, I knew you were going to kiss me.
All the times we were alone,
I had never gotten the feeling I felt then.

You slowly leaned your body toward me.
You looked right into my eyes and then turned away
As if you had seen something unexpected.
What did you see?

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