Happy Birthday Karen (circa March 1991)

April 21, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

“Happy Birthday”

Happy birthday darlin’
I realize your heart no longer beats for Jon
But it’s only because another year in your life
Has come and gone

I only thank you that
Our friendship didn’t also disappear
Into the midst of the faults
That lingered this past year.

Someday we’re gonna look back
To the times we laughed together
Those times, we have to hold on to
Always and forever

“Always and Forever”

We’ve done some pretty crazy things
In our time of friendship past
And no matter what I ever needed
You always fit the cast

While other struggled with friends
Through fights, deceptions, and lies
You and I stood by each other
We held on to our angel eyes

“Angel Eyes”

But then something happened
And I didn’t know what to do
I thought it would never be the same
I didn’t realize that I should’ve just talked to you

But, of course, it was all over soon
Things were back on the right track
You and I were true friends again
And we decided to make that pact

We built that dream together
We strived to make it true
All the hard work paid off for us
We really did come through

Yeah, we’re still friends, Carri
We’ve lasted this long
It’s doesn’t surprise me, though
‘Cause they’re still singing our song!

“I’ll Be There”

*Written for Karen Crosser

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