Wasted Time (circa February 1991)

April 19, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

The room grew dark and cold
Your face was a blur, unseen
The change was predicted, unwanted
My senses undeniable, so keen

Whatever had happened, it did
There was nothing more to be said
No matter how hard we fought
Those feelings were lost, they were dead

I searched your eyes for an answer
No longer did they sparkle or beam
What I found was unforgettable
Only a shadow of a broken dream

The moments we stared seemed forever
Together we pulled away
But our hearts held on so tight
And our minds were the ones to pay

Love’s never there when you need it
Ours disappeared to a world unknown
It took more than a bit of caring
We had to discover that all alone

Time was not on our side
Immaturity wasted what was there
We got through it, though, with consolation
But growing up only told us what we didn’t want to hear

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