My Didn’t To-Do List

April 11, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I stepped out of the shower tonight to see a full-on illustration of what the phrase “farmer’s tan” really means.  Let me tell you: it ain’t all that pretty.  Of course, I should have expected no less as we spent the majority of this weekend out in the sun building a chicken coop (more on that to come at later this week).  Anyway, we got the coop built and even mowed the front part of the property … good grief, did it ever need it?!  Yet, still as I lay here wishing I could go to sleep, I can’t help but feel a little guilty about all that I didn’t accomplish this weekend.  Here we go again with another Monday morning looming ahead and I — didn’t finish the laundry the weekend (hope the kids have something to wear to school tomorrow), didn’t clean the kitchen floor (don’t go in there barefoot), didn’t grade any papers (going on three weeks plus the student who took an incomplete last term finally turned stuff in), and didn’t do any work despite carrying a full briefcase home with me on Friday (apparently good intentions make great paperweights).  Now I can add something else to my list of didn’ts: didn’t make myself feel any better by listing out all I didn’t get done this weekend.  Perhaps I should’ve thought better about it first; there I didn’t go again.

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