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I think tonight was the best night of American Idol so far this season. And I’m not just saying that because David Boreanaz was there …

‘Course he didn’t even speak but who needs him to. Sorry Tom Welling but I think you’ve lost your #1 spot in my eyes.

Anyway, back to American Idol because I think I had a point to make. Lee was great singing Hey Jude. I love his voice; I think he’s got the best voice this year, at least of the guys. I know everyone says Bowersox is going to win (and she did blow it away on Come Together)… but isn’t that what everyone said about Adam last year before Arkansas’ own dark horse stole the spotlight? My real point, though … yes, I have one … is that I’ve finally jumped on the Casey bandwagon.  I still don’t think he’s all that great to look at … I realize that a lot of his draw is based on looks, but that sort of look has never done much for me. But a boy who can play the guitar … well that’s a different story altogether. And he sang Jealous Guy, not a song that’s ever been one of my faves, until now; I’ll be adding it to my iPod straight away.

So that got me thinking about how yesterday I felt so inspired to write a post about songs about women but never got around to it. See, I was driving to work and listening to 95.7, because even though my iPod shuffle has a very eclectic repertoire, my car radio stays on KSSN …  I can’t explain it, it just makes me happy in the car.

Anyway, my point (again): Whatever It Is by the Zac Brown Band came on and I started singing along oblivious to any drivers-by who might have glanced in my window to see the karaoke show. I was, of course, lost in the daydream that I could be the woman who’s “got whatever it is.”

Then that got me thinking about all the songs about women that, if I’m being really honest, I wished were about me … Hell on the Heart, Wonderful Tonight, Fast Cars and Freedom, Shameless, She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful, Good Morning Beautiful, Your Body is a Wonderland, Watching Airplanes, You’re Beautiful, I Would Walk 500 Miles, What Mattered Most, Ain’t No Sunshine, even Harder to Breathe and, of course, Brown-Eyed Girl ….  I’m quite certain there are more that I’m forgetting at the moment.

These aren’t the best, say, romantic songs out there by any means, but there ones that attempt to describe the girl who’s stirred up something so powerful in the guy that he can’t help but write about her. That’d be pretty awesome. ‘Course there’s also a few songs that I wouldn’t mind taking as my own either … say, Maneater, Won’t Back Down, You Won’t Be Mine, Heartless … you sensing a pattern here?

Of course, none of those songs are about me, for better or for worse, and if they were, knowing me, I wouldn’t like ’em anymore anyway.  But it’s nice to daydream every now and again.

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