Ninth Grade Friends (circa 1989)

April 6, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

We’ve had our ups.
We’ve had our downs.
We’ve had our moments,
And we’ve acted like clowns!

The year we’ve had together,
We’ve made it through it all.
The times we’ve cried together,
Trying to climb every wall.

You’ve made this year the best for me
And for you, I hope the same.
With all the heartbreaks we’ve had,
Joys and triumphs also came.

I feel I’ve known you all my life,
Although our friendship just began.
I hope that we will always be
The best friends we possibly can.

“Have a good summer,”
Is what I’ll say now to you
‘Cause next year as sophomores,
We’re gonna “Rock the field; Blue!”

*Written for Jayme Lively.

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