The World (circa May 1989)

April 5, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I was meant to be lonely,
To have no one in my life.
Sometimes the pain is so intense,
Like being stabbed with a knife.

This world is full of violence and hatred.
It’s coming apart.
Yet, I’m the one they say
Has a cold heart.

Well, they don’t know how I think,
And they don’t know what I dream about.
They don’t know how I feel inside,
And they don’t know what I doubt.

You should love
Your whole life through,
But what happens when you can’t
Because no one loves you.

You go through life lonely,
Wandering what could’ve been.
But be careful what you feel,
Or else you might sin!

It’s the folk of the world
That make it what it is.
It’s the way they treat others
That makes it resemble poison in a kiss.

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