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March 30, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I’ve been taking a somewhat cathartic trip down memory lane, digging through a time-battered box labeled (in black permanent marker) “steph’s writing.”  This box, contents and all, has traveled with me through 5 house moves, across 4 state lines, and usually resting in the attics of each house in the intervals in between. The contents of the box, some at least, are more than 20 years old — from high school and college mostly. When we moved into this house, I decided to quit with the perpetual over-sized paper weight.  Reading through things – poems, stories, letters, articles and what-not – that I wrote so long ago is … funny.  Not funny “ha ha” but not funny “weird,” just funny.  It’s interesting to see how I’ve changed or how much I’m the same – ’cause I guess that’s true of everyone: constantly evolving, never changing.  It’s raw, unedited after all these years of experience that couldn’t have been imagined as clearly as reality as revealed.  It’s honest and, yes, indulgent, but a part of me, nonetheless.  I’ve decided to share them.  All the entries will be easily identified with a “circa” date in the post title.  So you can skip them if you like; or you can read them and consider where you were when they were written – either at that stage of life or point in time.

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