We Have Had Have Eggs!

January 15, 2010 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

We have eggs! Woohoo! I’ve been very anxious, since before Christmas, for our hens to start laying. When we got them in early October, we were told that they’d just started molting. So I started counting the weeks to when we should start getting eggs from them. When we got back home from our New Years’ trip, there was a pretty brown egg laying in the nest. The next morning, there was another. I was so excited. I jumped up and down … really. Bryan laughed at me. Then, the next day – no egg. And the next. And the next. Nothing. I must admit, I was a little bummed. But this morning, one of the hens had left me a present in the nest and this afternoon there was another! Yippee! Now, we’ll see if I’m still jumping tomorrow.

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