Wonder Boy … the Bully???

January 3, 2010 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

By the time I’m writing this it’s pretty much moot, which, despite the fact that it’s a reminder that I’m neglecting the blog, really is a good thing.  You see, before Thanksgiving, we were having a bit of a problem with Wonder Boy at daycare.  Okay, that’s an understatement.  Our 2-year-old was on the verge of getting kicked out of school.

He’s a tough kid — never crying much even when he knocks the snot out of himself, unless he knows I’m watching and sees an opportunity for some mommy pity.  Of course, he has to be tough with Boy Genius for an older brother.  He and Boy Genius pretty regularly go at it in the living room floor; I’m pretty sure that Wonder Boy’s the youngest ever to perfect the low-single wrestling move.  Problem was that even though he’s no bigger than the other kids in his class, and truth be told is smaller than most of them, he was terrorizing the group.  Maybe we should have seen it coming when he picked out his Halloween mask and wanted to wear it all the time:

He started out scratching the other kids; well, clawing might be a better term.  If he got mad at a classmate, he’d just reach over and claw at the kid’s face.  Every day we were signing “incident reports” and spending the car trips home scolding him for “being bad.”  Then in one day he bit two different classmates.  We thought for sure that was the end of his tenure at school … and we couldn’t complain, I mean, we’d want the bully kicked out too if it weren’t our kid, right?

That weekend Mema and Anna came for a visit and we let Wonder Boy go home with Anna for the week (the following week was Thanksgiving and, since Pepa was coming to visit then, we figured he could bring him home).  Wonder Boy ended up being out of school for two weeks and ever since he’s been an angel.  I mean, wook at his wittle face:

No, really, seriously. Oh wait hang on ….

…. Alrighty, I’m back, I had to go knock on wood.  Anyway, one day last week another kid bit him on the hand and instead of retaliating, Wonder Boy went to the teacher, showed her his hand and told her what happened.  I keep saying that everybody needs a vacation sometimes and so maybe he just needed that two-week break.  Who knows really though?  Maybe it was a phase, maybe it was a boundary test, maybe a fluke – or maybe the last month has been the fluke and all hell’s about the break loose.  What matters right now is that we don’t have a toddler delinquent and the military school conversation doesn’t have to happen … yet.

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