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November 13, 2009 stephhwilliams 0 Comments

I’m sitting in a mandatory professional practicum course that will last all day. Apparently, there is a recent trend toward requiring this type of professional practicum within two years of passing the bar in many states. So even though I first passed a bar in 2002, because I’m new to Arkansas, here I sit. It will be a long day – a perfect time to catch up on the blog!

The last few months have been overwhelming to say the least. Since moving into the new house, there hasn’t been a slow moment. I had gone back to work part-time in July; but, the week we moved into the house, I started full-time and the kids started school. The classes I teach online for UALR and on campus for PTC also began that week. Since moving in the house, I’ve gotten busier at work (a good thing!) and had classes to prepare for and papers to grade each week. We also started our farm. In October, we got chickens first and then goats. Boy is there more to say about that! I will, I will … but first I must finish my excuse post. 😉

In all seriousness, I do feel a bit guilty for letting the blog go as of late. Not that any of you readers are suffering a void from my lack of writing – just disappointed with myself. Not a day goes by in which I don’t think of something I want to write about. The problem, of course, is finding the time to do it. Usually, the only time I have to write is late at night and usually by that time I’m too tired to think anymore and just want to play on Facebook or Twitter (I’m convinced that Facebook has had a detrimental but-for effect on my productivity). Here’s some of the things I want to write about and still hope to do so at some point. Think of this as a preview or a teaser:

Escapades at the Children’s Hospital – including a previously undiagnosed heart murmur, daily cholesterol medication for a 7 year old, an EKG that looked like an alien super-probe, and an unrelated ER visit. This one’s got suspense, drama, and (of course, whenever Boy Genius is involved) comedy.

The De Facto Creation of Apple Hill Farm – beginning with the acquisition of 5 chickens: 2 barred rock laying hens, 2 black sexlink (yep, that’s right) laying hens, and a silver-laced rooster. Within 24 hours, were were down to 4. We’ve since determined that the rooster might be … er … “special.” I swore I wouldn’t name the chickens but I’m thinking “Forrest Gump” might be a good fit.

The Farm Expansion A/K/A Biting Off More Than You Can Chew (I grimaced at the last word … read on, you’ll understand) – within a week (or maybe 2, honestly, who can keep up?) of getting the chickens, we must have thought things were a little boring down on the farm. We took Brock to the state fair for his birthday and by the end of that weekend (and the end of the fair) we were the proud owners (parents) of two Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. In the recent weeks, I’ve learned all sorts of fascinating tidbits, including how to milk and wean a goat, and how to care for one following multiple vicious dog attacks (by one of our own!) – which FYI involves purple-stained skin, and a hook and fishing line. Warning: contains graphic material; not suitable for all readers. Oh, the stories! This one will surely have a sequel, since we’re fairly certain one of the goats is bred and due in February.

There’s also the wasted 3 hours (one way) trip to a trial that had been canceled, the Miley Cyrus concert, how I really feel about teaching, my Wii Fit age, and Wonder Boy the Bully — but those releases may not happen until 2010!

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