The Benton House … Again ((sigh))

Well, it’s a good thing I’m not still holding my breath. (See my earlier post, The Benton House). Despite the stress of not knowing for so long whether we were going to get the house, once the bank signed off on it from the seller’s side, we thought we were in the clear. Ha, ha … what we’re we thinking? The latest aggravation is that our closing, which was supposed to be set for tomorrow (the 15th), has now been postponed indefinitely! Our lender requires an FHA-approved appraiser … which is either hard to come by in this state or somebody’s just out to get us! After taking forever to get the appraisal scheduled, the dude finally evaluated the property this morning. While I’m fairly certain that dude knew before this morning that the Benton House is a log-cabin, he decided to tell our lender after his evaluation that he cannot find a log-cabin comp on which to base his appraisal …. of course. So, yep, you guessed it. We won’t be closing tomorrow, or the next day … next week? next month? Did I mention that we have to be out of our rental on the 31st. Perfect.

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