Dining Out With the Pack

June 22, 2009 stephhwilliams 2 Comments

This past Saturday morning, we were going to go to the River Market but got sidetracked driving around looking at storage buildings and sheds (ooh, fun! no, it really was) because we’ll need something like that if we end up buying the Benton house (hmmm, I guess I’ll need to explain that in another post). Even our sidetrack got sidetracked, as we also ended up following my memory (thankfully, with the aid of a map) to find the house I lived in as a child when my parents got divorced. By the time we’d trekked the roads between Little Rock and Benton (and a few roads leading somewhere else …), it was lunch time so we headed back toward West Little Rock and stopped at Corky’s BBQ, deciding we’d count the dining out as a treat for Father’s Day.

We pretty much limit our restaurant escapades to family-friendly eateries since The Girl’s 15-month-old tantrum antics nearly brought down the house and got us banned for life at Mema’s birthday celebration at Bottega’s in Birmingham several years back and more recently due to Wonder Boy’s tendency for decorating the floor (and, a few times, any neighboring diners!) with our choice of sustenance (potentially half-chewed first) for the evening. Corky’s definitely fits the bill. Even still, eating out with the children can quite often grate on my nerves. I feel I spend the majority of the meal saying things like, “Sit still,” “wipe your face … NO! use a napkin,” “sit up right,” “leave your sister/brother alone,” “stop swinging your feet,” “close your mouth when you chew,” and “eat!” What I discovered on Saturday, though, is that if I start taking silly photos of the kids with rib sauce and the like on their faces, I can’t help but laugh. So here’s the result:

The Girl (pretending not to be posing) with rib meat dangling from her teeth.
Boy Genius, smiling proudly, despite the rib sauce circling his lips and dripping down his arm ….
Wonder Boy (our shy one … NOT!), hamming it up for the camera while chowing down on a corn cob. So until (if ever) my kids learn manners, I guess I’ll just have to keep my camera phone handy!

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