You Get What You Get

May 18, 2009 stephhwilliams 1 Comments

Have you ever had that feeling like you’ve got so much in your head it’s bound to explode any second??? I’m certain this is not a feeling unique to me, but, at the same time, this is not one of those situations where misery loves company. And I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m miserable about it. I’m just feeling a bit scatterbrained. Now that I think about it like that, though, this may actually be becoming the norm for me. UGH! I have so many thoughts in my brain right now I can’t seem to get any one of them to come out in a coherent manner fitting of a blog post … so this is what you get. My kids like to say “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” That’s their somewhat nicer version of the mommyism “suck it up.”

I want to blog about not blogging much lately … about writing (and not writing) my book (finally) … about being finished with teaching for the semester … about possibly going back to work full-time in the Fall … about visiting Pepa’s property in Rockford, Alabama … about Wonder Boy falling and his almost-stitched chin … about headaches and budgets (and how the two correlate) … and … and … and …. Oh! We finally sold our house in Tennessee (yippee!), though we took a BIG loss. Man, the market really stinks right now! But, at least it’s done. Now we can actually begin to think of a more permanent residence here in Arkansas. Our townhome lease is up at the end of July so we’ll see.

We spent the better half of last week in TN with the packers/movers and then for the closing, before jetting off to Alabama for the remainder of the weekend to visit family. The packing/moving portion was bittersweet. I’m going to miss our house (I know it’s just a house but we put so much of our own sweat into it in just the short time we were there) and our yard (It was the best yard we’ve had yet and watching Brix chase the blue ball the length of the house was priceless) and our neighbors (You couldn’t ask for better neighbors, friends; I’ll miss the momma just as much, if not more, as the kids will miss their playmates). Hopefully, we’ll all stay in touch. The kids loved seeing the neighbor boys again; Boy Genius especially didn’t want to leave again … regressing to his “I don’t have any friends in Arkansas” attitude for the last several days. I know it will pass though. My grandma always says “this too shall pass,” and she’s right, so I won’t even have to say “suck it up.” It’s a good thing, too, ’cause I don’t think I could bring myself to this time.

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  1. When we moved from Dallas to Houston when I was 8, I was MISERABLE. I hate the Houston area and missed all my friends. But I cannot tell you how glad I am that we moved. I love it here and consider THIS my home, for sure. Your kids will get there eventually . . . AND SO WILL YOU!! 🙂

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